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There are such places in the world you may not believe their existence when you hear about them, but no one can deny what they see with their own eyes. The sacred valley of Peru stands among such places. The valley lures the tourists around the world just to amaze their eyes with its flourishing beauty.

sacred valley peru

The Sacred Valley of Peru is also called as Urubamba Valley and as Sacred Valley of Incas. It is located on both sides of the Urubamba River and stretched from the Ollantaytambo to Pisac. The Urubamba River flows through the town and the mountains edge on both sides of the river are too high especially when they merge with other mountains range from the south the height develops up to 5818 meters. The Inca ruins in Pisac and Machu Pichu are also the part of the valley and there is about 100 kilometers distant between both sites.

In the colonial documents the Sacred Valley of Peru was referred as the Valley of Yucay. It is said that the valley was inhabited by the Chanapata civilization in 800 BC, then Qotacalla civilization resided here from 500 to 900 CE, then there was dominance of Killke civilization until it was occupied by the Incan Empire, and finally it was conquered by the Spanish colonists. Because of its rich soil and healthy irrigation system by Urubamba River, the valley has been the attraction point for many civilizations for centuries. Even today it hasn’t stopped to lure people around the world but this time it’s different, it’s one of the most loving tourist destinations in Peru.

There are plenty of tourist attractions in the valley that already captivated the hearts of those who visited these places. Here is the description of some of the most attractive and scenic sites of the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Explore the historical agricultural system at Moray ruins

Located outside the town of Maras, the Moray ruins is decorated with the circular terraces which were built by the Incas people back in the 15 century CE. The main purpose of this mesmerizing design is to grow different crops at different level. Due to the different level of height, each stair has a particular climate which allows plenty of crops to be cultivated at one place. Visit the Moray ruins and get amazed by the historical intelligence of Incan farmers.

Hike for the treasure at Ollantaytambo ruins

There was a time when these ruins used to be the fortress, and this is one of a few places where people of Inca resisted the Spanish colonists. The ruins also stand among a few best-preserved archaeological sites in Peru. It is located on the way to Machu Pichu. If you love archaeology and have interest in history, this destination will prove to be a tressure for you, otherwise you still get a spectacular view of the valley from the Ollantaytambo ruins.

Town of Chinchero

Covered by the green fields and encompassed by the snowy mountains, this amazing town illustrates the presentation of the heaven on the earth and is located 4000 meters above the sea level. The town is famous for its traditional weaving techniques and enchanting designs. The inhabitants of the town speak Quechua and therefore are called Quechuan. There are ample goods and in the local market are made by the Quechua women. Just pay a visit and explore more.

Pisac Terrace

While entering the sacred valley the first town you will see is Pisac. It is where amazing Incans built another agricultural terrace for different crops which are integrated into the foot of the mountains range. The size of this astonishing terrace is five times bigger than Machu Pichu. You will be mesmerized by its breathtaking view especially from the top.

Spend a night in Glass Capsule

Imagine a bedroom on the floor of glass on 400 meters height where you can see through the floor while resting on the bed, doesn’t it sound thrilling? Definitely you need to gather some courage to have this splendid view. but it isn’t dangerous as it seems. These glass capsules are located at Ollantaytambo on the cliff. First you have to climb on the cliff to reach the entrance of lodge. The way to the lodge is utterly safe and sound. Plus, there are professional guides who make sure you don’t slip on the rock. The capsule contains luxurious facilities including bathroom, mattresses, a decorated bedroom and much more.

Moreover, the best way to discover the real culture of any part of the world is to visit its local market. There are 2 most famous markets in the Sacred Valley where you can explore more about the valley’s culture.

The Pisac Market

There is an eye dazzling colorful market in the Quaint Mountain town of Pisac. The market is famous for the traditional products including cozy alpaca sweaters, locally woven blankets, astonishing ceramics, knit scarves and many more varieties of traditional products. This would also be the best place if you want to study about the local culture. So don’t miss visiting the Pisac market when you step on the land of Sacred Valley.

The Chinchero Market

You wouldn’t want to miss this Sunday market if you are fond of exploring new traditions around the world. The specialty of this market is they sell locally made and crafted products here. The market was built to provide work to the locals of Chinchero. Besides, there are many foreign buyers who come here to purchase in bulk quantity for selling it at different parts of the country. The woven products of the Chinchero are so famous. They are cheap and good in quality, a combination that everyone wants while buying something. Furthermore, the local sellers are usually dressed in their traditional clothes representing their cultural ways more expressively to the outsiders. If you don’t want to miss this amazing surrounding of Chinchero market – which you definitely wouldn’t – then it’s your chance to explore while staying in the town.

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